Employer of Record in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

  • We help you to legally hire Employees in UAE for long-term or short-term projects
  • We help you start your operation quickly and hassle-free
  • We payroll your employees in full local compliance
  • No visa quota restriction
  • No need to have a legal entity in the region

What is an Employer of Record/Professional Employer Organization?

It is simply an outsourcing service provider that enables you to quickly employ and onboard people legally in other countries, without having to establish a local legal entity.

Your employees work for you and report to you while an EOR/PEO handles:

  • Employment Visas
  • Local employment contracts
  • Work Permits
  • Payroll with local compliance
  • Local insurances
  • Employee documents processing
  • Gate passes into special areas (for work purposes)


An International Educational Organization needed to locally hire one of its executives in the UAE to start a local branch for them, the client had to relocate the executive but had no legal entity in UAE. Terracotta, through its Employer of Record (EOR) solution, enabled the client to hire and onboard the executive to complete the task assigned to him.

Project duration: 1 year.

Terracotta Solution: EOR (Visa & Payroll).

How It Works

We sponsor your employees whether you have an entity or not


Companies use EOR services in the UAE to reduce the legal and administrative burden of hiring employees in a foreign country. EOR can also provide support for obtaining work visas and residency permits, as well as offer payroll and HR services.
Yes, Employer of Record services are legal in the UAE, as long as the service provider is licensed by MoHRE and compliant with local employment laws and regulations.
An EOR service in the UAE acts as the legal employer of the company’s employees, taking on responsibilities such as registering with local authorities, processing payroll, and handling employee benefits. The EOR service also handles termination and severance in compliance with local laws.