Payroll Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Payroll with local compliance

  • We will Payroll your employees in UAE through WPS
  • We will Calculate the employee’s leave time, benefits, gratuity, and end-of-service benefits (EOSB)
  • We will handle Pay-slips
  • We will take care of salary transfers

Why outsource your Payroll?

Payroll service provider:

  • Keeps your payroll on a timely basis
  • Reduces your overhead costs
  • Minimizes hassle and errors in salary calculations
  • Maintains compliance with local WPS
  • Guarantees confidentiality

Outsourced Payroll Services in the UAE with local compliance

Payroll Story

A foreign startup needed to implement WPS compliance, being new to the UAE market the client needed a professional payroll provider with the knowledge of local regulations to maintain payroll compliance.

Terracotta provided a retainer contract to handle the payroll process including WPS setup for the company and employees, processing timesheets, preparing pay-slips and handling bank transfers of salaries.

Project duration: 2 years

How It Works

We take care of salary transfers, confidentiality, and compliance


Why do companies need payroll services?

Companies need payroll services to manage their employee payments accurately and efficiently. It helps in reducing the workload and ensures local compliance and accuracy of the process.

How much do payroll services cost in the UAE?

The cost of payroll services in the UAE varies depending on the number of employees and the complexity of the payroll.

What is the End of Service Gratuity?

An employee is entitled to a gratuity of a fraction of a year, for each year of continuous service in the company. The sum is calculated based on the number of years spent in service.

What is included in payroll services in the UAE?

Payroll services in the UAE typically include the calculation of salaries, contributions, end-of-service benefits, and other deductions. It also includes the preparation of pay-slips and government compliance reporting.

What is WPS in UAE?

Wages Protection System (WPS) is a mandatory electronic salary transfer system that allows institutions to pay wages via banks and financial institutions approved and authorized to provide the service.