Business Setup in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Mainland

Select the right setup based on your business goals

  • Mainland Company Setup
  • Freezone Company Setup
  • Tax Registration
  • Visas & Emirates IDs
  • Office Space
  • Post-formation support through our 360 solutions (PRO, EOR, Payroll, etc.)

Why hire a business setup service provider?

A provider of business setup services will:

  • Make the setup process smoother because of the knowledge of local regulations
  • Eliminate the need to hire in-house staff or engage in time-consuming administrative tasks
  • Reduce the risks associated with non-compliance with local laws

Setup your business or a branch of your business in the UAE

Business Setup Story

A European Military Engineering company needed to setup its local entity in the UAE, the company had to have a local entity to be able to work with the local military authorities.

Terracotta provided support during the setup, processing all documents in full local compliance. Post-formation Terracotta continued to provide PRO support for the company and its employees.

Terracotta’s Solutions: processing of (Trade license, Establishment card, MOE Certificate, Visa applications and renewals)

How It Works

We help you to setup your business according to your needs

Business Setup



  • Government approvals
  • Name reservation
  • Trade license
  • Activity list
  • Company legal form
  • Tax registration
  • Visas
  • Office space


What is business setup services in the UAE?

Business setup services are services that provide support and guidance to entrepreneurs and multinational companies who wish to start a business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These services help with everything from obtaining the necessary licenses and permits to registering the business, to finding a suitable location. 

What are the steps to setting up a business in the UAE?

The steps to setting up a business in the UAE include:

– Registering the business name
– Obtaining the necessary licenses and permits
– Registering for taxes
– Fulfilling local regulations regarding suitable office space (depending on business activities)

Business setup services can assist with each of these steps.

What types of businesses can be set up in the UAE?

The UAE offers a wide range of business opportunities for doing business, UAE government offers 6 main types of economic licenses, with all business sectors falling under these license types:

– Commercial
– Industrial
– Agricultural
– Tourism
– Professional

What are the benefits of using business setup services in the UAE?

Using business setup services in the UAE can save time and effort, and also ensure that the business is set up in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Business setup services can also provide valuable support and advice throughout the process.