PRO services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Our Professional PRO/ GRO Services division provides:

  • Visas and Emirates IDs
  • MoHRE Contracts and Work Permits
  • Trade Licenses
  • Trademarks Registration
  • Tax Registration
  • Civil Certificates (Municipality, Civil Defense, …etc.)
  • Document Notarization and Attestation (Embassy, MOFA, …etc.)

Why hire a PRO service provider?

A PRO service provider:

  • Acts on your behalf to liaison between your company and local government entities
  • Supports you if your PRO is on leave or overwhelmed
  • Will give you high professional standards that minimalize delays
  • Is available to answer your requests at any time
  • Guides your company on the best practices of document processing in full compliance with local laws

The most efficient PRO service providers in the UAE

PRO Story

A European defense contractor company needed a GHQ pass for its consultant to finish a project with the local government, Terracotta, being a vigilant and efficient PRO service provider, was able to process the GHQ pass in compliance with the local armed forces regulations, which allowed the client to successfully finish the project.
Terracotta’s Solution: PRO services

How It Works

We do your paperwork on your behalf

PRO for Corporate



& Attestation

PRO for Individuals


What is a PRO/GRO in the UAE?

A PRO/GRO (Public Relations Officer/Government Relations Officer) is a professional individual appointed to handle the visa process and other administrative tasks for a company in the UAE.

Why do companies need a PRO in the UAE?

Companies in the UAE are required by law to appoint a PRO for handling all government-related tasks and procedures.

What are the qualifications required for a PRO in the UAE?

A PRO must have good communication skills. They must also have a good understanding of UAE laws and regulations.

What services does a PRO provide?

A PRO provides various services including visa processing, renewals, labor card issuance, document attestation, and notarization services.

Can a company appoint an in-house PRO?

Yes, a company can appoint an in-house employee as a PRO, but most companies prefer to hire PRO service providers to decrease the workload pressure on their internal team or to completely outsource the paperwork processing and focus on their core business.