Recruitment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

  • We help you hire the best executive talents
  • We assist you in defining the right job profile
  • We handle the screening and interviewing of shortlisted candidates

Why outsource your recruitment process?

Recruitment consultants:

  • Improves your chances of attracting top talent in the market
  • Reduces the risks associated with hiring the wrong candidate
  • Provides a more effective and efficient hiring process

Emiratization Approach:

We attract talented nationals for government, semi-government, private and multinational companies through our in-house team of consultants. We have built a wide pool of talented individuals in various industries and our experts continuously expand our reach to Emirati talents.

Talent Acquisition

Our process of sourcing, attracting, and hiring the best talent for your organization, plays a key role in securing top talent for your company and meeting your workforce needs.

Emiratisation Story

A local branch of a multinational company needed to achieve its Emiratization target required by MOHRE, the company had to recruit qualified local talent to achieve its target. 

Terracotta provided support through its recruitment and Emiratization process, to allocate the right local professionals for the company before the designated deadline assigned by MOHRE.

Terracotta Solution: Recruitment – Emiratization

How It Works

You select the staff, We sponsor them for you


Reliability of recruitment services depends on the agency’s professionalism and reputation. It’s important to research and choose an agency that has a methodical and professional process to ensure that they help you select the right candidates.
You can benefit from recruitment services by saving time and effort in the hiring process, accessing to a larger pool of candidates, and finding the right fit for the job.
The cost varies from one company to another based on how professional they are and how high is their success rate in allocating the right talent for their clients, however, the fees are paid by the company looking to hire, and it is illegal for recruiters to take any payment from candidates under the assumption that this guarantees them finding a job opportunity.
Emiratisation is a government requirement in the UAE to increase the number of Emirati nationals in the workforce.