Manpower Staffing Agency in Dubai

  • We have experienced staffing consultants
  • We have access to a pool of well-trained candidates
  • We maintain open communication and provide regular updates
  • We fully handle the onboarding process

How outsourced staffing benefits your business?

A staffing service provider:

  • Improves your operational efficiency
  • Provides a cost-effective solution
  • Gives you flexibility in resizing or moving your team
  • Reduces time and effort of the onboarding
  • Minimalizes business risks when you are entering a new
    field or moving to a new region

Staffing Story

A multinational IT company needed to fulfil a contract with a UAE government entity, the client did not have a local entity in UAE. Terracotta, through its partnership with specialized IT recruitment agencies, was able to help the client select the staff they needed for the project and provided the client with the means to hire their team in UAE to finish the project.

Project duration: 2 years.

Terracotta Solution: Visa, Payroll, and PRO services.

How It Works

You select the staff, We sponsor them for you


Companies in the UAE use staffing services to simplify the process of finding and managing employees. It saves time, resources, and reduces the costs associated with traditional recruitment methods.
The benefits of using staffing services in the UAE include access to a wider pool of candidates, flexibility in workforce management, and cost savings. Staffing companies also handle all employment-related paperwork, allowing companies to focus on their core business operations.
Yes, companies can choose the profile of employees they want through staffing services in the UAE. Staffing companies will work with the company to understand its requirements and find suitable candidates.
Staffing services in the UAE can provide temporary, and long-term employees for a variety of industries, including construction, IT, hospitality, healthcare, Oil & Gas, Energy, and others.