Terracotta’s partnership with Business France : the mobilization of the VIE in the UAE

Client Profile: French companies willing to use Business France V.I.E. French international internship
program in the UAE

The Challenges:

  • The client does not have a local entity in the UAE
  • The client needs to hire the interns under a locally licensed manpower service provider that is
    approved by Business France
  • The client needs to rely on a professional PRO services provider to smooth the mobilization

Terracotta’s solutions were provided on two levels:

  • Manpower Services (EOR/PEO):
    o Local Work Permit
    o Resident Visa
    o Local Payroll Compliance
    o Local Insurances Compliance
  • Additional Services:
    o Facilitating the opening of personal bank accounts
    o Facilitating local mobile phone lines
    o Facilitating accommodation and transportation
    o Facilitating local office space
    o Supporting in processing GCC visas

Terracotta has been successfully providing its support for the VIE program since 2015.

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Terracotta provided EPC company with scalable solutions for their activities in the UAE

Client Profile: a foreign EPC company handling a multi-phase project for a local UAE government entity.

The Challenges:

  • The company had no legal entity in the UAE to start mobilizing employees.
  • The project had multiple phases which required scalability
  • The company had multiple subcontractors who were not established in the UAE working for them through the different phases of the project…