Terracotta provided EPC company with scalable solutions for their activities in the UAE

Client Profile: a foreign EPC company handling a multi-phase project for a local UAE government

The Challenges:

  • The company had no legal entity in the UAE to start mobilizing employees
  • The project had multiple phases which required scalability
  • The company had multiple subcontractors who were not established in the UAE working for them through the different phases of the project
  • The company needed to establish its own local entity to fulfil the contract requirements
  • Post-formation, the company needed HR & PRO support solutions for delivering the project

Terracotta’s solutions were provided in different stages:

  • Pre-formation supportThe project started with a few employees, and as the project progressed over the years, the number of employees increased due to project needs.Terracotta’s services included:o Onboarding and Offboarding of client’s workforce including support for subcontractor employees (EOR/PEO)
    o Resident visa and work permit for long-term employees
    o Mission visas for short-term employees (from 1 week to 3 months)
    o Payroll through WPS in full local compliance
    o Processing security passes (CICPA)
  • Post-formation support
    At a certain point, the client needed to setup a local entity in the UAE to be able to execute the contract, Terracotta supported the client with the following:o Setup of a mainland local entity
    o Registration with local authorities
    o Visa processing and payroll services for the employees under the client’s visaAs the project was near completion, demobilization was gradually implemented and Terracotta handled the process in full compliance with local laws and regulation

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