Terracotta enabled an Event Entertainment company to complete successful shows in Dubai’s iconic places

Client Profile: An Event Entertainment company specialized in highly technical regulated performance needed to execute big shows in Dubai for a limited duration.

The Challenge:

  • The company needed to quickly mobilize their technical experts in UAE
  • Access on-site had specific requirements from different government authorities

Terracotta’s solution: Providing the client’s employees with Mission Visas and security passes (CICPA) within the designated project location and duration.

The efficiency of Terracotta’s solution enabled the team to arrive on short notice and work in the UAE to execute the project successfully.

Next Case Study

Terracotta’s partnership with Business France : the mobilization of the VIE in the UAE

Client Profile: French companies willing to use Business France V.I.E. French international internship program in the UAE.

The Challenges:

  • The client does not have a local entity in the UAE.
  • The client needs to hire the interns under a locally licensed manpower service provider that is approved by Business France…