Terracotta enabled a European Educational Organization to move its executives to the UAE to establish its local branch

Client Profile: A European University that needed to move two of its executives to the UAE to start
establishing a local branch.

The Challenges:

  • The establishment of a local branch for a university takes an extended period of time, and an executive team of the organization must be relocated to UAE to start the process
  • The organization had no legal entity in the UAE to hire and onboard employees

Terracotta’s EOR/PEO solutions were provided pre-formation as follows:

  • Onboarding and client’s executive team (Resident visas, work permits, family visas,
    emirates IDs)
  • Payroll through WPS in full local compliance
  • Facilitating Housing and Transportation

Working with Terracotta enabled the client to move their team into UAE and finish the process of
establishing the local branch smoothly.

Next Case Study

Terracotta’s partnership with Business France : the mobilization of the VIE in the UAE

Client Profile: French companies willing to use Business France V.I.E. French international internship program in the UAE.

The Challenges:

  • The client does not have a local entity in the UAE.
  • The client needs to hire the interns under a locally licensed manpower service provider that is approved by Business France…